E-mu XL-7 Command Station

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The hot new XL-7 is a desktop sequencer module version of E-mu's Xtreme Lead-1 Electronica and Dance oriented sound module. You may recall that the Xtreme Lead-1 module itself was a new and improved Techno synth based on the popular Audity 2000 module. Like the Xtreme Lead-1, the XL-7 uses the same sample-playback synthesis engine as E-mu's Proteus 2000 sound module. The XL-7 and all its Electronica synth sounds and beats can also be found in a sleek keyboard version called the XK-6 Xtreme Keys.

Sharing its sounds and specs with the Xtreme Lead-1, the XL-7 has 128 voices of polyphony like the Xtreme Turbo. It ships with one 32 MB ROM soundset called "X-Lead" and it is full of brand new and classic electronica, techno, house, dance type sounds from basses and synths to drum kits, scratches, vocal effects and more! The XL-7 has 3 additional slots for adding more, up to 128 MB, of E-mu's 32 MB ROM soundsets from E-mu's family of genre based sound modules, keyboards, and desktop groove machines.