E-mu MP-7

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The MP-7 truly represents the ultimate melding of E-MU’s pristine audio quality and cutting edge controller technologies, making it uniquely qualified to serve as the control center of your MIDI studio or live performance rig.

Upgradable Sounds 

MP-7 contains a thorough collection of Hip-Hop presets. These sounds are rich in harmonic texture and a perfect complement to the Z-plane filters. MP-7 contains three additional, user-upgradable sound SIMM sockets, allowing you to mix and match sound sets according to your needs. New sounds can be added as easily as plugging in a new 16MB or 32MB SIMM module. Each E-MU sound set has been meticulously crafted to be the finest of its kind. Samples are matched across the keyboard, perfectly looped, and rich in harmonic texture.

1024 Presets & more

MP-7 contains 512 user presets and 512 factory ROM presets, but it can be expanded with literally thousands of ROM presets. (ROM presets are automatically added when sound SIMMs are installed. As an example, a 32 MB SIMM may contain up to 1024 ROM presets.) MP-7’s Sound Navigator makes it easy to find the exact sound you want. It’s powerful, yet simple to use.

Velocity & Pressure Sensitive Pads

Thirteen velocity-sensitive pads with aftertouch allow you to perform live or into the 16-track sequencer. These pads have been specifically designed for the Command Station and are extremely responsive, capturing all the subtle nuances of your performance.

Multi-Function Controllers

Multi-function buttons allow you to trigger sequences, arpeggiators and loops internally or on any of your other MIDI devices. They can act as Note Inputs for Grid or Step recording, Track Select, Mute or MIDI Trigger buttons (latched or unlatched).

Sixteen real-time controller knobs are also multi-function controls. These knobs make it a snap to edit and modify internal preset parameters. Another useful mode allows the knobs to control volume and pan for all sixteen MIDI channels. These controllers are fully programmable and can control internal preset or other MIDI equipment on multiple MIDI channels. They can be programmed to adjust multiple internal parameters at once, allowing complex levels of control. For example, a single knob can simultaneously turn up filter cutoff, while detuning one sample, and adjusting the release time of the volume envelope. Virtually every synth parameter in the MP-7 is controllable using the real-time knobs or by any internal or external control source.

Super Sequencer

MP-7 contains a powerful, yet simple to use 16-track interactive sequencer. You can record in real-time, step and grid modes and can switch modes without ever stopping your creative flow. Sixteen dedicated Mute/Select buttons allow you to add, monitor and modify parts on the fly with cumbersome menu scrolling. It’s never been this easy to lay down your ideas. The MP-7 Command Station can store over 300,000 notes and you can import and export MIDI files to and from your Mac or PC using E-MU’s E-Loader program.

Multi-Channel Arpeggiators

MP-7’s Rhythmic Pattern Generator/Arpeggiator can play up to 32 synchronized arpeggiator patterns at once using a different sound for each! Patterns can be edited using pattern flow commands such as: delay for 2 bars, play for 4 bars, hold for 2 beats and repeat. You can program or download 100 user patterns in addition to the 200 factory patterns.

Ultra Powerful Synthesizer

The extremely flexible yet easy to use 4-layer synthesizer voices make it easy to build sounds of any kind. Layers can be switched or crossfaded using key position, velocity, real-time controllers or any modulation source. 128 voice polyphony ensures that you can play and sequence the most complex material. MP-7 also contains 50 different 2nd to 12th order resonant & modeling filters which are used to shape and modify over 1200 waveforms contained in 32 megabytes (MB) of ROM.

Sixty four modulation sources include three multistage envelopes and two LFOs per layer, as well as full MIDI control over virtually every parameter. The digital patch bay, with 24 cords per layer, (and 12 more cords per preset) lets you connect modulation sources to 64 destinations in any imaginable way. The patch bay also contains a set of arithmetic modifiers, allowing you to create complex synthesis models. Synth parameters as well as arpeggiator and BEAT tempos can be controlled from internal clock (or an external MIDI clock). Up to 8 LFOs and 12 envelopes can be perfectly synchronized at different rates. This is an extremely powerful synthesizer!

24-bit Effects

Once you have created your preset, you can add richness to your sound using MP-7’s 24-bit stereo effects. You can choose a different effects setup for each preset from over 60 algorithms. MP-7’s effects section is actually two separate effects processors with control over each wet/dry mix level on four effects sends. Effects Processor “A” contains primarily ambiance algorithms like reverb and delays, while effects processor “B” contains primarily spectral algorithms such as chorus, flange, phase, distortion, and delay. Effects can be linked to each preset or used globally to further enhance your sound.

Other features include multiple solo, voice assignment and performance modes for expressive control, 12 user-definable alternate tunings, and, of course, an extensive MIDI implementation.