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Carnaval is a high energy, professional sound module for anyone who wants to add some Latin heat to their music. Carnaval is 16 part multitimbral, featuring 32 voices of polyphony and 640 presets (384 ROM, 256 RAM).Whether you play traditional or contemporary Latin music, or just want to add some fire to your own style of music—be it tejano, salsa, latin-jazz, mariachi, merengue, or afro-cuban—Carnaval has the sounds you need.

Carnaval is also equipped with our exclusive “BEATS” mode. 100 user editable drum loops stored in memory can be synchronized to internal or external MIDI clock. The permutations of beats, tempo, presets and the powerful “X-Factor” control allow you to create thousands of new song ideas. Your custom Beats can also be linked into 28 user programmable Songs with looping and programmable jumps. Beats and Songs can be easily modified to fit any style.

There are 640 presets on Carnaval, created by talented E-mu programmers and other industry experts. Of course you can edit or modify any and all parameters to create a limitless number of entirely new sounds. Shape Carnaval’s sounds any way you like them by using the powerful filters, MIDI synced LFO’s, and MIDIpatch modulation system. Carnaval has plenty of real-time controls and destinations that allow you to add more spice and color to your music. Creating your own original sounds is easy, thanks to Carnaval's easy to use and logical user interface.

Other features include 3 stereo outputs for externally processing sounds (also configurable as 6 polyphonic submixes with fully programmable dynamic panning), integral sends and returns to allow the addition of external effects units without the need for a separate mixer, user-definable alternate tuning, and of course, an extensive MIDI implementation. In addition, when coupled with E-mu's Launchpad Performance Controller, Carnaval becomes a self-contained interactive beat machine for the stage or studio. Carnaval—You're playing with fire.