Dreadbox Taff 2

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Seeing their pedals here and there floating around the old Interwebs, the effects from Dreadbox always seemed very interesting to us here at Pedal of the Day, so when we finally got our grubby paws on one of them, it was quite a celebration. Not only do their effects have a similar look and theme to them, they all apparently sound great, according to the masses, and we got to witness this phenomenon first hand. The Taff 2 Scientific Tremolo has its roots in the standard form of said pedals, but this one takes on its own personality, shape and attitude, leaving the majority of others in the dust and gasping for air.

The main controls on this confusing-looking behemoth are Rate (controlling the LFO speed), LFO Output Level (a volume/mix control), LFO Wave Selector and Pulse Width Selector, both of which adjust the overall sounds the Taff2 produces. There’s also a section for a VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) Mixer option, featuring Initial (direct level) and LFO (amount) knobs for more control there as well. A flashing LFO rate LED lets you know the exact pulse the pedal is functioning at, and mono inputs and outputs round out the main sections.

There are also four 1/4 jacks located at the top of the pedal: VCA CV, Sync LFO Rate CV and LFO Output. There are also 3 dip switches located inside the Taff2 – Oscillator Wave Shape Bias, VCA Noise Bias and Input Gain, all allowing for even more dialing in of the exact sounds you want this pedal to produce. It will do simple tremolo effects, but also bit crush and a variety of detune style effects, making it a sweet tool for all kinds of modulation.

A truly unique and intriguing piece of musical equipment, the Taff2 Scientific Tremolo must be played in person to really get how innovative and creative it is. Be sure to check out the video below to get a tiny taste of what is sonically achievable with this tan monster. The folks at Dreadbox are making some remarkable musical gear, so if you haven’t yet, make sure to head over to their website and check out their line of products. You never know what new and exciting addition to your rig might be waiting where you least expect it!


  • Vintage Tremolo Sound
  • 4 Wave Oscillator
  • Analog Bitcrusher
  • VCA including CV input: +/- 5 volts optimal, max +/- 9 volts
  • Rate Input: +/- 5 volts optimal, max +/- 9 volts
  • Wave Selector with 4 waveforms including PW
  • Controls: LFO Rate, VCA initial / LFO Wave selector, PWM, LFO Level
  • LFO output: 7.5 Vpp max level
  • LFO Range: 0.071 Hz (14sec up to 1975 Hz (Note B)
  • Sync input
  • True bypass
  • Works with any “Boss style” 9 Volt power supply
  • Made in Greece
  • Made entirely by hand
  • No battery
  • Dimensions: 147 x 116 x 58 mm