Dreadbox Sonic Bits

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Sonic Bits is a super unique analog modeling lo-fi digital delay pedal. It offers delay times up to 400ms clear and 400ms-1.2 seconds of lo-fi delays. Dreadbox designed an analog bit converter into the circuit that has a tremolo effect when you controls are at a low setting. If making noise is what you're in to, then this pedal is for you. You get oscillating feedback unlike other delay pedals which is partially due to the Bits knob and is also controlled via expression pedal or CV. The Bits effect is apart of this pedals magic, as it's not quite a ring modulator, distortion, or bit crusher, but some how blends all of them together giving you very new and different sounds. When changing the Bits value and the Time of the delay, you will notice uncommon pitch bending effects that would take multiple other high-end pedals to achieve the same effect. Works with any 9V power supply with a negative center and all true bypass.