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The Dreadbox White Lines Euro Module - Phaser is a premium-grade Eurorack style module that incorporates the phase shifting circuit from the Dreadbox Abyss synthesizer. The Dreadbox Phaser Module is a 4-stage phase shifter including an LFO with 2 waveforms. The Phaser Euro Module is ideal for adding movement and shimmer to your input sources. The two waveform inputs located on the bottom of the module are a Triangle and Square waveform, this allows you to change the way the phaser reacts. In total, the White Lines Phaser Euro Module features five patch points including the waveforms, CV, Input and Output.

High-Quality Phasing Module

The Dreadbox White Lines Euro Module – Phaser is incorporated from the Dreadbox Abyss synthesizer, providing you with a premium-grade, dedicated phasing module for your Eurorack. The 4-stage phasing module allows you to add movement to your sounds. It can add subtle shimmer and slightly movement, all the way to swirly, underwater like phasing. Designed for Eurorack modules, the Dreadbox Phaser is ideal for a range of input sources, and takes up only 12HP of space in any standard Eurorack.

2 Waveforms & LFO

The White Lines Phaser Module includes a 2 waveform LFO, allowing you to change the way the Phaser reacts to your sound. The Triangle waveform, makes the Phaser rise and fall with a sharp point, while the Square waveform acts as a more robotic sounds, similar to a gate effect. When used in conjunction with other modules, it opens up a new world of modulation capabilities. The unit features four sliding faders including: Rate, Depth, Man and Feed. The Rate and Depth are for the LFO section and the Man and Feed sliders are for the Phase section. Five patch point are included, allowing you to connect sources to the Input, Two Waveforms, CV and Output. It also includes two switches, choosing between the waveforms and 2/4-stage configuration.


  • Phase shifter taken from the Dreadbox Abyss Analog Synth
  • 4-Stage phase shifting
  • 2-stage/4-stage switch
  • LFO with 2 waveforms
  • Add movement to your input sources


  • Modulation Points: 5
  • Waveforms: Square & Triangle
  • Current Draw: 15mA (at +12V) / 12mA (at -12V)
  • Size: 12HP