Dreadbox Oscillator

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The Dreadbox White Lines Euro Module - Oscillator is a premium Eurorack module that offers a high fidelity sound at an affordable price. The Dreadbox Oscillator module includes two rotary dials that allow you to control your coarse tuning and fine tuning to achieve any sound. It has 6 ports at the bottom, 3 inputs which consist of a 1v cv input, a sync input(expects +/- 5v) and a pulse modulation input, and 3 individual wave outputs (+/-5v). The black and white lined panel design is finished to suit the rest of the White Line series, with the tuning dials coloured to match.

High Quality at an Affordable Price

Dreadbox White Line Module Oscillator uses similar components to the Erebus and Hades modules, an acclaimed series of products. Offering a hard sync input, this module will give you cleaner cycles and produce a more consistent rhythm. With an unlimited frequency range via CV (0.15Hz - 5KHz without CV), the Dreadbox Oscillator can produce any sound that you require. At 10HP, this will be able to fit discretely within any rack, ideal for anyone with not a lot of room to spare.

Multiple Inputs & Outputs

The Dreadbox White Lines Module Oscillator offers 3 different wave outputs, allowing you to fully customise your sound. These wave outputs consist of Square waves, Triangle waves and Sawtooth waves, which will allow you to find the perfect sound for your needs. The inclusion of a Pulse Width Modulation input opens you up to change even more, allowing you to achieve slow, brooding sounds or fast paced beats. There is a 1v/oct CV input, which unlocks the unlimited frequency range, and a sync input (+/- 5v) to Synchronize multiple modules together.


  • Three wave outputs
  • Hard sync input
  • 10HP in size, perfect for limited spaced racks
  • Tuning Dials to help perfect your sound
  • Saw core based


  • Tuned at: 1V/oct
  • Current Draw: 25mA (at +12V) 20mA (at -12V)
  • Frequency Range: Unlimited via CV (0.15Hz - 5KHz without CV)
  • CV Input: 1V/oct
  • Wave Outputs: +/-5V
  • Sync Inputs: Expects +/-5V