Dreadbox Omikron

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The Dreadbox 'Omikron' is an aggressive suboctaver pedal ideal for waveshaping guitar, bass, and synthesizer. At its core the pedal is a monophonic pulse wave fuzz device with an oscillator tuned at 1V/Oct that can be synced to audio.


  • Aggressive Suboctaver Pedal
  • Monophonic Pulse Wave Fuzz
  • Oscillator tuned at 1V/Oct
  • Oscillator can be synced to Audio
  • Ideal for Guitar, Bass, and Synthesizer
  • Controls: Tune, Fine Tune, Oscillator Pulse Width, Oscillator Wave Selection, Oscillator Out Level, Hard Sync Mode Selection, Effect ON/OFF
  • Mixer Controls: Clean, Sub, Pulse, VCO
  • Inputs: Signal Input, VCO CV Input, Sync Input, Oscillator Pulse Width Modulation Input
  • Outputs: Signal Output, Oscillator Output
  • Effect On LED Indication
  • True Bypass