Dreadbox Murmux-Initiate

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Dreadbox has introduced the Murmux Initiate – a vintage style analog synthesizer, “Suitable for beginners in the Analog Synthesis”, according to the company.


  • Full Analog Vintage Monophonic Synthesizer
  • Fat bass sounds
  • 2 Voltage Controlled (VC) oscillators with suboctave
  • Saw and square wave
  • 4-pole Resonant VC Low Pass Filter
  • Triangle wave LFO modulation
  • VC Amp
  • 2 Envelopes – 1 for the Amp & 1 for the Filter
  • External Audio Input
  • Controlable via Midi Keyboard or Analog Keyboard (CV Gate)
  • Completely Handmade, everything crafted by hand, with love
  • Electronics by Freqbox and enclosure by Black Science
  • Easy to use