Dreadbox Murmux Filter

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The Dreadbox White Lines Euro Module - Murmux Filter is a dedicated eurorack version of the classic filter from the Murmux synthesizer. The White Lines Murmux Module includes a variable input gain control with a variable number of poles for the low-pass filter. There is also separate outputs for the low-pass and high-pass sections of the filter for added flexibility. The Murmux Eurorack Module includes three main faders: Gain, Cutoff and Resonance. These high-quality faders give you precise control over every aspect of your filter. There are CV inputs for both the Resonance and Cutoff, as well as a dedicated input patch point. This unique filter is perfect for bringing out the best from your input sources, while maintaining the natural harmonics and sonic qualities.

Classic Murmux Filter

The Dreadbox Murmux Eurorack Filter is a dedicated eurorack-style module, incorporating the classic filter section from the now discontinued Murmux synthesizer. The versatile filter section features a selectable number of poles for the low-pass filter, as well as boasting spate outputs for the low-ass and high-pass filters. The Murmux Euro Filter is ideal for modulating everything from basslines to vocals, providing everything from subtle warmth to in-your-face grit. The classic Murmux filter was designed using LM137000 OTAs. When increasing the Gain fader you will change the filter’s character, pushing it to the max may result in no self-oscillation.

In-Depth Modulation

The Murmux Eurorack Filter Module includes six patch points in total, for versatile modulation options. The Murmux Filter includes rotary control for changing the number of poles (only for the LP out). It also includes a high pass output, low pass output, a CV input for the cutoff and a CV input for the Resonance control. These versatile modulation points allow you to get the most out of the filter, connecting to a wide range of input sources for optimal flexibility. The compact module only takes up 12HP of space in a standard Eurorack, ideal for the space conscious user.


  • The classic Murmux Filter designed using LM13700 OTAs
  • Variable input gain
  • Control over Cut Off Frequency, Resonance
  • Cut Off Frequency is 1V/oct sensitive
  • Selectable number of Low Pass Poles
  • Separate Outputs for Low Pass and High Pass
  • Control Voltage over Cut Off and Resonance


  • Current Draw: Current Draw: 35mA (at +12V) / 30mA (at -12V)
  • Construction (Size): 12HP