Dreadbox Medusa

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Designed in a collaboration between Dreadbox and Polyend, the Medusa paraphonic synthesizer combines analog tone with the versatility of wavetables and the power of a built-in sequencer. And with its robust construction, including an aluminum chassis and aluminum-covered knobs, you can be confident adding Medusa to your performance rig. Featuring a total of three analog oscillators, monophonic and paraphonic play modes, five LFOs, a multimode analog filter, three sequencing modes, and much more, the Dreadbox Medusa analog/wavetable synthesizer will add big creative potential to your music production rig.

Built-in 64-pad control surface

With its fully responsive grid of 64 pads, the Dreadbox Medusa is ready to play at any time — and triggering notes is just the start. The grid can store up to 256 independent sequences and voice presets for instant recall. You can choose any modulation parameter per pad for the X and Y pressure axis, opening up a whole world of hands-on expression with your sounds. The grid also allows for in-the-moment sequencing and offers three sequencing modes.

Creative sequencing options

The grid on the Dreadbox Medusa goes far beyond basic step sequencing. You can sequence notes, parameter locks, and even entire synth voice presets per step. And because you can also store sequences and voice presets on each pad, the grid is an extremely powerful way to both create and perform. Synthesists at Sweetwater dig the ability to randomize the synth voice and sequence for creative inspiration.

Big sound design potential

Despite its streamlined interface, the Dreadbox Medusa synthesizer offers extremely creative sound design potential. A master mixing section allows you to blend all seven voices however you like for seriously massive layered sounds. And you've got a ton of modulation options too, with a total of five LFOs and five loopable DADSR envelopes. These LFOs and EGs offer a wide range of parameters you can assign them to.