Dreadbox Hypnosis

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Dreadbox presents the Hypnosis, a stereo effect processor with three different effects in a cult 80s design. The multi-effects unit has an analog chorus/flanger effect based on BBD, a digital delay with three modes and an analog spring reverb that even has pitch modulation. The signal path is serial, first chorus/flanger, then delay and finally spring reverb.

The three effects can be adjusted extensively via the rotary knob and the shift function can be assigned to other LFO waveforms or alternative delay modes. This sea of possibilities can be recorded and recalled with the two large selector switches on 7x7 (49) memory locations. Hypnosis can be operated either at the inputs and outputs stereo or mono and has enough headroom to handle levels from Eurorack to Line to Guitar.

The compact desktop device is visually a successful tribute to the deepest 80s, some pop art, retro science fiction, space, computer games and bright colors give the Hypnosis its very own charm.