Dreadbox Erebus

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The Dreadbox Erebus v3 Duophonic Synthesizer boasts big analog tone that is sure to sit confidently in your mix. Featuring three vibrant oscillators (with auto-tuning to prevent drift), you've got a lot of sound-shaping potential between its 12dB resonant multimode filter, triple ring modulator, and lo-fi echo. An LFO plus an assignable ADSR envelope with looping capability offer creative modulation potential. Complete with an analog clock generator, MIDI to CV conversion, and 35-point patchbay for integrating with your modular rig, the Dreadbox Erebus v3 is a formidable synth module that's ready to integrate with practically any setup.

Perfect for any modular or semi-modular synth rig

With its built-in analog clock generator and comprehensive 35-point CV patchbay, the Dreadbox Erebus v3 module is perfect for modern synthesizer rigs. It's a great partner to analog synth keyboards with CV control outputs. And its MIDI I/O allows you to use the Erebus v3 as a MIDI to CV converter. Whether you're sequencing it from your DAW or external sequencer or playing it via keyboard, Sweetwater is sure you'll find a rewarding way to utilize the Erebus v3 module in your workflow.