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The Dreadbox White Lines Euro Module - Echo is a high-quality Eurorack module, incorporating the same delay circuit from the Erebus synthesizer. This premium-grade delay module is a streamlined and simple Echo module, allowing you to add delay to your input sources with ease. The simplified layout provides you with three main controls: Mix, Feed and Time. These rotary style controls allow you to precisely dial in the required level of each parameter. The delay times range from 30ms - 800 ms (400-800ms lo-fi), it also accepts inputs up to 10Vpp.

Erebus Delay Circuit

The White Lines Echo Module provides the same delay circuit found in the renowned Erebus synthesizer from Dreadbox. This premium-grade delay circuit provides high-quality echos and delays ranging from 30ms – 800ms (400-800ms lo-fi). The streamlined design provides an ergonomic layout, with all the major controls clearly labelled for quick and easy access. The Dreadbox Echo Module features three patch points in total, including: Input, CV and Output. This high-quality effect is ideal for treating a range of input sources, from basslines to cutting-edge leads.

In-Depth Control

There are three main rotary controls including: Mix, Feedback and Time. The mix parameter allows you to control the dry and wet mix of the delay, providing precise control over your levels. The feedback parameter allows you to change the dominance of the effect. The time parameter allows you to change the delay time ranging from 0-800ms (delay can be muddy after 400ms). The CV input is dedicated to the time parameter so you can use external equipment with the module. It measures only 8HP, ideal for space conscious studio user.


  • Delay module for Eurorack
  • Uses the delay circuit from the Erebus synth
  • Delay times: 30ms – 800ms (400-800ms lo-fi)
  • Accepts inputs up to 10Vpp