Dreadbox Dual VCA

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The Dreadbox White Lines Euro Module - Dual VCA is a high quality dual channel based VCA, with two logarithmic channels, designed to fit Euroracks. The Dual VCA Module is able to produce studio grade synth tones, allowing you to create unique and intricate sounds. This Dreadbox module has 8 patch points consisting of 2 inputs, 2 outputs and 4 CV outputs, giving you a lot of options for customising your sound. With its smaller 8HP size, the White Lines module is perfect for any user who wants high fidelity audio production but is limited by size constraints. Using designs from their Hades and Erebus synths, the quality of this module is exceptional and is the perfect unit for a beginner or a great addition to existing systems.

Efficient and Compact Design

The Dreadbox Dual VCA offers a compact and efficient design, made to give you as much control as possible in a small form factor. This module has 2 rotary dials that control the initial levels of both VCA channels, allowing you to control the amount of gain applied to the inputs on your VCA. The module offers 8 patch points, allowing you to have multiple input signals going at the same time and mixing them to create the perfect sound. This VCA Module is compatible with audio and cv signals, giving you the ability to produce more unique and eccentric sounds and tones. Measuring at 8HP, the size is perfect for any space conscious user who wants a high quality VCA in their system. With a clean black finish, white line design and tidy display, this module is made to suit the rest of the White Line series of modules.


  • Initial level controls to fine tune your sound
  • 8 patch points
  • Dual Channel OTA
  • Made to fit Euroracks
  • Compatible with Audio and CV signals