De La Mancha - PULS

PULS is a monophonic pulse wave synthesizer with simple controls but complex sounds. From two pulse wave oscillators you can get chunky basses, scorching leads, retro chiptune, dusty lofi and oddball noises. With an unusual isometric pixel-art interface, what it lacks in knobs, it makes up for in sound.

It features custom pulse waveforms, unison, oscillator sync and ring modulation for some big 'n' dirty sound potential, with a tempo-sync LFO for pulse width modulation (PWM) as well as detune and volume modulation.


Monophonic pulse wave synthesizer.
2 oscillators with custom pulse waveforms:

  • ---Adjustable Pulse width, modulated by LFO (per osc).
  • ---Unison per oscillator.
  • ---Oscillator sync and ring modulation between oscillators.

Adjustable non-linear Release.

Tempo-sync LFO with 4 waveforms with adjustable speed and depth:

  • ---Pulse width modulation per oscillator.
  • ---Detune and volume modulation.

Tempo-sync arpeggiator with 6 patterns:

  • ---Arp can cover 1 to 4 octaves, synced to host (1/32 beats to 4 beats).
  • ---Adjustable note length (0-100%).

32 presets covering different styles and functions.