Contralogic Productions - Cadencia

Contralogic Productions company released Cadencia virtual synth. Cadencia vst is analog synthesizer using 2 oscillators. This synth also include 2 ADSR envelopes to give you more variation to work on sounds, filter with 4-pole mode, LFO and more. Cadencia synth has 4 LFO so it is opportunity to affect the rate of next or other LFO to making unusual audio signals unpredictable ways. This virtual synthesizer use as based effects as delay with stereo mode, flanger. Some vst tools has 1 ADSR envelopes so Cadencia synth give you chance and you be able to use 2 ADSR envelopes to make more pleasant audio signal. Also, at synths surface you see usability interface to create good audio signal for little time.

Cadencia features:

-2 oscillator.
-4 LFO.
-Filter has 4-pole mode using 24 db.
-2 envelopes (ADSR).
-Effects delay with stereo mode, flanger.