Clavia Nord Drum 2

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Nord Drum 2 is an improved version of the original Nord Drum model. The sub-title at the bottom of the device (virtual analogue drum synthesizer) has been changed to a modelling percussion synthesizer which serves as a hint at the abundance of various percussion sounds.

Nord Drum 2 stores 8 banks of 50 patches, 4 factory and 4 user (from realistic acoustic drums to electronic sets and sound effects). In its library you can find: kick, hi-hat, snare, tom, and even exotic kinds of percussion, like marimba and xylophone. The control interface is characterized by easy programming and brilliant intuitiveness.

The percussion synthesizer kept the same basic sections of Click, Tone and Noise, but they added new waveforms and filter types, including high-pass one (12/24 db). Compared to the pioneers, Nord Drum has 6 channels. There were 3 new methods of sound synthesis: frequency modulation (FM), subtractive synthesis, as well as resonance modeling (harmonic, percussion pitch, etc.).

In addition, several parameters for changing the tone of the sound, as well as a stereo output, were added to its interface. The unique "Spectra" function allows you to adjust the modulation or stretch of certain waveforms, and distortion was introduced as a nice bonus.

Listed as an "accessory", the miniature Nord Pad 2 is a worthy part of any studio. Connect it to a sequencer (for example, Nord Beat 2), and you’ll get a powerful rhythmic instrument for musical performances.

Drum 2 is a 6-channel percussion synthesizer offering an advanced sound engine with Resonant, Subtractive and FM types of synthesis, Drive, Crush and EQ-effects per channel, delay types with repeat mode. The connectivity features 6 inputs for drum pads and acoustic triggers, Nord Pad input, MIDI in/out, full CC-control, stereo out and headphone out.

Tone, Noise and Click represent the three sections of sound generation. Sculpt the sounds in real time.

Tone section includes Resonant synthesis giving a range of harmonic spectras with the tune function, Subtractive Synthesis featuring classic Sine, Saw, Square and Pulse waves and Frequency Modulation synthesis with 6 different FM algorithms.

Noise section produces noise adding to the main tones some character and texture. The soun is tweaked with adjusting the filter Cut-Off and Resonance controls, attack, editing in Attack Rate/LFO mode, decay control, and dynamic control.