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Since the early 1980s, CASIO has been one of the leaders in digital pianos, keyboards and electronic keyed instruments. The Japanese electronics firm always has one aim in mind: developing musical instruments that meet musicians’ high quality standards. Digital pianos and keyboards by CASIO rank among the standard equipment of countless bands, studios, music productions and musicians today. Innovative technology, fine workmanship, high sound quality and impressive effects are the basis of why CASIO instruments have such a good reputation in the industry. More than 85 million instruments sold prove that digital pianos and keyboards from the brand CASIO are some of the most popular keyed instruments both for professional and private use.

At CASIO Music, musicians and pianists of the most divergent styles will find digital pianos and keyboards, but also a wide range of accessories. The integrated dealer search leads directly to retailers where you can try out and buy CASIO keyboards and digital pianos. What’s more we provide you with helpful additional information on CASIO musical instruments, as well as software downloads and updates, informing you with the latest news and developments. Beginner musicians wanting to give it a try can find opportunities and tips for playing on the website, as well as the smartphone app developed exclusively for CASIO keyboards, the Chordana Play App. With the app, which can be used on smartphones and tablets, you can practise playing piano and music pieces anytime and anywhere.

CASIO Musical Instruments: from VL-1 to the Modern Hybrid Piano

Japanese electronics firm CASIO was founded in 1946 and has been operating as CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. since 1957. After the company made a name for itself in the 60s as a producer of electronic computers and desktop calculators, and causing a stir in the mid 70s with the development of multifunctional digital watches, CASIO began producing keyboards in the early 80s. The Casiotone 201 was the first electronic keyboard CASIO brought onto the market, while the VL-1 was the first mini keyboard with a synthesizer and sequencer function. This resulted in CASIO’s first market success, in 1981. Thanks to its distinctive sound, the VL-1 is still used by many musicians today for different sound effects. In 1991, CASIO introduced the AP-7, the first e-piano in the CELVIANO series. This was followed by the PRIVIA series of instruments in 2003, consisting of compact digital pianos with autoaccompaniment before the manufacturer presented the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid in 2015. Developed in collaboration with the famous builder of pianos and grand pianos, C. Bechstein, these are products with a vision to create a revolutionary piano, linking top digital technology with the perfect sound of traditional acoustic concert grand pianos.

CASIO Music - Our Digital Pianos and Keyboards

If you are looking for innovative, beautiful, and high quality electronic keyed instruments, our site with all the latest products, services, and instructions is the right place. In the Keyboards category, as well as classic portable standard keyboards, you will also find mini keyboards, high grade keyboards, keyboards with illuminated keys and arranger keyboards. Based on innovative technology like electronic sound generation, the CASIO keyboard models are popular for their comfortable usability, wide spectrum of tonal colours, countless effects and an impressive array of functions.

Without a doubt, one of the top models of CASIO Music is the digital piano. While the compact digital pianos from the CDP range are suitable as practice instruments because of their small size and easy use, the PRIVIA digital pianos CASIO are for more demanding activities. The sound generation from PRIVIA e-pianos is based on the multidimensional AiR technology developed by CASIO. The instruments possess a classic 88-key interface, with up to 256-note polyphony and up to 650 different tonal colors.

The current CASIO CELVIANO models from CASIO will win over the ambitious musician, while the CELVIANO GRAND HYBRID digital pianos are the ideal instruments for demanding pianists and professional musicians. Whether CELVIANO e-piano or GRAND HYBRID, these instruments are popular not just for their fine design and excellent playability with an ivory touch keyboard with ebony and ivory look keys. These digital pianos were designed in collaboration with renowned piano builder C. Bechstein and offer countless tonal colours, thanks to multidimensional sound generation. Numerous functions, such as concert play, make playing on a CASIO digital piano a perfect sound experience.