Boxsounds - Dragon II


  • -3 Dual oscillators with detune, 4 waveshapes, pulse width, sync, FM.
  • -Sub-oscillator.
  • -Noise generator.
  • -3 LFOs with attack, 5 waveshapes, pulse width, sync to host tempo and restart.
  • -3 Assignable envelopes with invert.
  • -Each LFO and envelope can modulate 24 parameters simultaneously.
  • -Modulation wheel and velocity that can modulate 33 parameters simultaneously.
  • -2 Multimode filters with pre-filter overdrive and keyboard tracking.
  • -Filter link option for cut-off and resonance controls.
  • -Filter mix options are filter 1, parallel (with parallel mix control) and series.
  • -Dedicated filter envelope with invert.
  • -Option to send either or both of the filters to the filter envelope.
  • -Audio frequency modulation of the amp envelope.
  • -6-Note polyphonic/monophonic (retrigger/legato).
  • -Portamento.
  • -Pan.
  • -Midi learn for all knobs except the LFO/env and mod wheel/velocity destination amounts.
  • -PDF user manual.