BlauKraut Engineering - Charlatan

Charlatan was released by BlauKraut Engineering company. Charlatan vst is analog synthesizer using polyphonic synthesis type. It is give you audio signal of high quality and simple usability. Charlatan include 2 oscillators like other vst synths, it also has ring modulation to make natural signal, stereo spread to control width of sounds, 2 ADSR envelopes, voice modes, noise generator using stereo. This synth vst is flexible enough to make classic sounds. Charlatan use 3 synthesis styles: Monophonic Legato, Monophonic and 8-voice Polyphonic mode. This synthesizer also include 3 filter types to get sounds of analog modules. You can switch modes types from filter such as 4-pole with 24 db/oct, 2-pole using 12 db/oct, bandpass and lowpass. You also could use stereo spread and unison modes to make big width of audio signal.

Charlatan features:

-2 OSC.
-Oscillator has ring modulation and hard sync.
-Stereo spread and Unison using 7 voices mode.
-Stereo generator of noise.
-2 ADSR.
-LFO using tempo sync.
-3 filter types: 4-pole with 24 db and 2-pole with 12 db lowpass, bandpass.
-Voice modes: Polyphonic, Monophonic Legato, Monophonic.