Bitsonic - TB-303

TB-303 is classic emulation of Roland TB-303 model released by Bitsonic company. TB-303 synth include oscillators using saw/square waveform it also has as based components as filter, ADSR envelope, portamento and more. Bitsonic TB-303 has 2 modes of synthesis so you could use mono or stereo signal to get quality of sounding. You could create rich sounds having many harmonics if you use saw waveform from TB-303 synthesizer. I think that is the main thing for you to get unusual electronic music. Effects of TB-303 synthesizer has standard effects of making music, this is reverb, delay and Phaser. TB-303 synth was made with 2 waves forms as saw and square but you could use filter to get sine type.

TB-303 functions:

-Bub mode and Simple.
-ADSR envelope.
-Oscillators use as waves forms as Saw/Square.
-TB-303 effects incluse Delay, Reverb and Phaser.
-Mono or Poly synthesis type.
-Mono or Stereo mode.
-10 presets.