Behringer Neutron

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The Behringer Neutron is a semi-modular synthesizer that has a really striking design. This model allows you to get the famous monophonic sound of classic analog synthesizers of the seventies and eighties. It has two modes of operation, namely: paraphonic and monophonic. Thanks to a special MIDI interface, it is possible to connect different keyboards of different sizes and number of keys. Behringer Neutron offers its owners a wide flexibility in creating music, which will especially appeal and interest those who are interested in various kinds of experiments.

The main feature of the Behringer Neutron is a 56-point patchbay, which is the largest in this class of synthesizers. To form the sound, it has many different controls built in, including:

  • 2 analog generators that have 5 variable waveforms,
  • 2-Pole multimode filter,
  • 2 analog ADSR envelopes.

The Behringer Neutron differs from its competitors in its very compact dimensions and has a very attractive price. The model has a unique red design and a weight of -2 kg.This model can be used both for live concerts and for recording Studio compositions.

36 different controls and 7 switches are responsible for controlling and adjusting the desired sound. The Behringer Neutron is designed in the style of a stand-alone synthesizer, which has extensive capabilities for providing instant access to the design of various sounds, the main strength of which is a 56-point patchbay. It has 32 different inputs, as well as 24 outputs, which provides a variety of possible options for connecting a variety of devices. In contrast to the usual layout style of synthesizers, all patch points are located on the right side, away from the various controls.
To color the sound and give it the desired properties, the built-in delay is installed on the Behringer Neutron, which is made in the Bucket Brigade style. Also, additional built-in tools allow you to create interesting textures: from short chorus delays to long-lasting various sound effects. External Eurorack modules allow you to independently adjust the delay time of effects, which will allow you to create exactly the compositions that you want. The built-in Overdrive is responsible for bringing sounds to an incredible frequency. There are also Sample and Hold effects for creating interesting rhythmic parts and Portamento for a smooth transition between the compositions. There is also a USB-B port designed for connecting to a computer and exchanging MIDI information. Power supply is provided by a power adapter for 12V DC.

The Behringer Neutron has a truly unique sound. For those who are looking for an inexpensive desktop synthesizer - the Behringer Neutron is just the perfect option. It does not copy other different synthesizers, but is a completely new tool that combines all the most interesting and necessary for writing unique music and getting new, incredible sounds. It is ideal for both experienced musicians and those who are just beginning their musical journey.