Behringer Model D

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The Behringer Model D is a synthesizer that is a re-incarnation of the famous Minimoog model D. it recreates extensive analog sounds using 3 VCO that works in conjunction with the legendary ladder filter. The Behringer Model D remains true to the classics. High attention to small details gives this model an ultra - flexible ability to form a wide variety of sounds that extend from really fat basses to various progressive organ sounds.

The Overdrive scheme allows you to achieve a really bold and punchy sound. The Behringer Model D has an ultra-precise simulation of all classical instruments, whether they are stringed instruments or woodwinds. The soul of the Behringer Model D is the classic VCF.

When you add resonance, the music produced by the Behringer Model D sounds amazing-smooth and musical, as if it allows you to enjoy its beautiful sound. The Behringer Model D delivers a full range of sounds from serene to insanely aggressive. Overdrive in this model additionally adds a harmonious and noble depth to the sound. One of the most important changes to the model is the device layout. The classic keyboard was removed, and the more popular and convenient desktop layout form factor was chosen instead. This made the device even more mobile and compact. The front panel of the Behringer Model D also has CV connectors, which are used with modular units, as well as additional USB / MIDI connectors. The heart of the Behringer Model D is a highly flexible 24 dB ladder filter that allows you to freely experiment with both cutoff frequency and accent and contour to create sets of perfect sounds. Thanks to VCA Decay, you can set a specific length of note delay after the key has been released.

The device is ready for operation immediately after it came out of the box, there is no need to further customize and adjust this contributes to the semi – modular nature Behringer Model D. Great integration with a modular setup provides patch points, which are located on the front panel of the unit. It also has 48 synthesizer controls that provide the necessary control over all the necessary parameters in real time. The Behringer Model D is small in size and stuns with its sexy design. Designed with harsh road and Studio conditions in mind, the MODEL D is easy to carry inside a standard Eurorack case for perfect integration within a well-established system. Additional tactile feedback from the Behringer Model D is provided by held rotators and special switches.

To be honest, this is not a Moog, which does not differ much from it in functionality, but it costs much more. The Behringer Model D is an ideal option for professional and novice musicians who need a great synthesizer at a really attractive price. It will be able to create amazing compositions and give out a really wide range of unique and inimitable sounds, which will be limited exclusively to the imagination of the Creator of the compositions. It is ideal for both live performances and recording unique Studio tracks.