Behringer Deepmind 6

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The Behringer Deepmind 6 is an analog synthesizer with 6-fold polyphony and a large range of functions. DeepMind 6 offers four effects engines, two oscillators per voice and a flexible low-pass filter with selectable slope (12 dB / 24 dB) as well as three ADSR envelopes and a 32-step sequencer. An eye-catching feature is the modulation matrix, which allows multiple modulation sources and targets to be linked together. Thus, the DeepMind 6 can produce very complex sounds and offers a lot of potential for crazy sound experiments. But even with conventional synthesizer sounds, as one would expect from a classic vintage Synth, the DeepMind 6 is the right choice. As a special highlight, the Deepmind 6 can be remotely controlled via iPad / PC / Mac and selected Android apps via MIDI and USB.

Dual analog oscillator signal-path

OSC 1 generates a sawtooth waveform and rectangular pulse width modulation (PWM) waveforms and OSC 2 generates square wave / tone waveforms with tone modulations. The combination of OSC 1's Rectangle / Pulse waveforms and OSC 2's Tone Modulation gives DeepMind 6 its fresh and special character that has not been heard in recent synthesizers. The circuitry of the sound-shaping oscillators is the modern rebirth of the popular analog circuit designs of the 80s and allows a fat vintage sound. The sounds of the DeepMind 6 are created completely analog and can be made even more exciting and lively with four studio-quality digital effects.

Creative access for fat sounds

The development of the DeepMind 6 focused on creative music making and direct access to all important sound-shaping elements. This includes direct access to the analog, two-slope selectable low-pass filter (12dB / 24dB) with adjustable filter resonance and cutoff tracking and envelope fader, which seamlessly transforms the individual segments into linear and exponential or inverted exponential envelopes. In addition, all six voices of DeepMind can be combined for powerful unison and poly modes with detune, pan spread and drift, producing amazingly rich sounds. The global noise generator extends the waveform options and thus the sound spectrum.

Behringer DeepMind 6 overview:

  • six-voice polyphonic analog synthesizers
  • completely analog signal path, which is based on legendary VCF and VCA circuits
  • velocity-sensitive keyboard with 37 semi-weighted half-tone keys and aftertouch
  • 12 / 24dB lowpass filter with adjustable resonance
  • 6dB high pass filter with bass boost switch
  • 2 LFOs per voice with 7 waveforms
  • 3 envelope generators for VCF, VCA and MOD
  • 4 FX engines with over 30 algorithms
  • true effects bypass to maintain an analog signal path
  • Modulation matrix with 19 sources and over 130 targets including effect parameters
  • Step sequencer with 32 steps
  • Remote control via iPad / PC / Mac and selected Android apps
  • arpeggiator
  • Chord and PolyChord Memory
  • 26 sliders for direct access
  • Pitch & Modulation wheel
  • LCD display with encoder and navigation buttons
  • 1024 program memory locations
  • Servo-balanced stereo outputs for best possible integration
  • CV / pedal input
  • integrated WiFi
  • designed in the U.K.