B. Serrano - Artemis

Artemis virtual synth was released by B. Serrano company! It is good sounding analogue synth with 16 voices of polyphonic subtractive synthesis. Artemis vst include oscillators sync, noise generator with pink and white signals types, 2 LFO, ring modulator, resonator and effects. By the way Artemis has semi-modular synthesis using audio routing, it also uses modulation with 6 x 13 digital matrix. You could make warm sounds from Artemis synth.

Artemis vst features:

- Oscillators using mode such as sync, cross-modulation.
- Artemis has noise generator to twitch pink/grey signal type.
- Artemis include ring modulator.
- 2 Mod-envelopes (DADSR) .
- Filters has 2 HP 2 LP using 12/24 db switch.
- 2 LFO, LFO 1 can make LFO 2.
- Delay.
- Resonator.
- Chorus using Feedback level.
- Modular synthesis using audio routing.
- Modulation with 6 x 13 digital matrix.