AVP Synth MBS-100

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MBS-100 is a monophonic bass synthesizer inspired by synthesizers produced in the soviet era times while having the flexibility, MIDI control and compact package of the 21st century. It has 19 knobs, 3 switches and 4 buttons with which you can control the parameters of the sound and MIDI.


  • Hybrid analog-digital synthesis;
  • Voltage-controlled digital oscillators (VCDO) — two, each with four waveforms: saw, square, pulse 1 (25% rate), pulse 2 (10% rate).
  • Note: Pulse 1 and 2 are equivalent to PMW but have fixed positioning similar to the likes of «Aelita», «Polivoks» synthesizers for e.g.
  • Octave ranges — 3 octaves for OSC1 and 5 octaves for OSC2;
  • Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) — one fully analog 12 db/oct low pass filter with cutoff and resonance parameters;
  • Envelope Generators (ADSR) – two;
  • Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) – one, fully analog distortion effect selection switch;
  • Low frequency oscillator (LFO) — one with two waveform options (square and triangle) to control the VCF.
  • MIDI interface — MIDI In, MIDI Thru (16 channels + Omni);
  • Audio output — one mix output (mono 6.3 mm jack);
  • Controls — 19 knobs, 3 switches, 4 buttons and 11 LED indicators;
  • Case: durable steel case with wooden cheeks;
  • Weight: 1 kg;
  • Dimensions: L30 x W16 x H8 (cm);
  • External power supply – 220v adapter 9 VAC (included).