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After successfully launching the production of its first model of analog synthesizer MiniBrute, the French company Arturia decided to repeat the success and developed the Arturia MicroBrute even smaller. To do this, had to sacrifice some of the advanced features of the previous model in order to make the Arturia MicroBrute easier for the user, both for live performance and for studio. You don't need to have a great knowledge of synthesis to set up the sound and compose music on Arturia MicroBrute, but and advanced musician will be impressed with the sound capabilities of this small workstation.

The developer managed to reduce the size of the new Arturia MicroBrute model by miniaturizing 25 keys and reducing the total number of different settings. This instrument is the size of a normal laptop, is not polyphonic, here on the keys you can not play two notes at the same time, but Arturia MicroBrute compensates for this by having four oscillators, to will receive a various sounds. The keyboard may seem inconvenient for someone, as well as the lack of charging for the battery. The features of the instrument include a small step sequencer, with which you can record individual musical passages and play them in the future.

As you use Arturia MicroBrute, it becomes clear that the Steiner-Parker filter remains the best option in the world of analog synthesis for these models. As in the previous sample the MiniBrute, the filter Arturia MicroBrute operates at high, medium and low frequencies, with adjustment in the full range from 20 Hz to 18 kHz. It is worth noting the brand parameter Brute Factor, which has turned into a full-fledged controlled unit, which at low values of the regulator saturates low frequencies, and at maximum, just tears your speakers apart. A self-excitation of the amplifier with a memorable distortion in the sound, not the only advantage of the device. To empower, and additional variability of sound, Arturia MicroBrute it is possible to change parameters of the generator and the trimming filter. In the style of old analog synthesizers, you can connect the corresponding connectors in the matrix block Arturia MicroBrute using two short wires with minijack connectors at the end and use a low-frequency LFO generator and an ENV Amt controller.

Of course, an advanced user can see certain disadvantages in the Arturia MicroBrute model, but in terms of price and quality, this musical instrument looks quite attractive. Even if the available 25 keys don't fit you, you can use the full-size one for more convenience keyboard. On the back panel there is a convenient interface for various connections, a full-size TRS connector, AUDI and MIDI input, USB connection and headphone output. The result is a compact synthesizer with a unique, bright sound and great features.