Analogue Solutions Impulse Command

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Impulse Command is a compact true analogue synth in a neat, smart, package. When we say ‘real analogue’ we mean that the entire audio path (aside from the post effects of course!) and all modulation are entirely analogue, using circuits based on awesome sounding vintage 1970s designs. Their circuits are not locked down by CPUs. Controls are not quantised and read by CPUs. With the exception of the essential digital elements (that is MIDI conversion, sequencer control and digital delay/reverb), Impulse Command really is analogue and the sound benefit is immediately apparent!

We get many good comments about how good Analogue Solutions products sound. How wonderful, warm and full of character they are.

The synth has been designed by Tom Carpenter, a musician and a big fan of electronic music. He knows how to program a synth and what should be expected. It was not designed by an engineer or steered by committee or men in suits. Design wasn’t constrained in order to bring maximum profit to share holders! So, the modulation choices and range of sounds they produced have all been carefully thought out and quickly give you those sounds you want: huge bass, synth leads, percussion, effects, modular style sounds.

  • Analogue stereo synthesiser with 2x analogue VCOs, 2x 24dB analogue LPFs, 2x analogue LFOs and 2x analogue ADSR envelopes
  • Full rugged steel/aluminium case with no plastic mouldings
  • Semi-modular design with 3.5mm patch points for easy Eurorack integration
  • MIDI In, MIDI to CV and MIDI Thru
  • Stereo digital effects with reverb, delay, bitcrush
  • Sequencer: 16-step analogue and 16-step MIDI Note, plus the ability to sequence effects input level and bitrate
  • 4 analogue VCAs – 2 in series after the filters and 2 used to dynamically affect Sub Osc and VCO2 level
  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Size: 320 x 270 x 90mm
  • Power: 24V DC regulated, 750mA, 2.1mm plug