Alexander Pedals Radical Delay 2 Plus

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In addition to having a very 1980’s-like look to it, today’s featured pedal brings you the sounds and odd tones of that decade as well. Coming at’cha with a slew of pitch shifting, digital delays and arcade-inspired effects, the Radical Delay II Plus from Alexander Pedals takes you on a trip back to your childhood (depending when you were born, of course) in one of the crazier 10-year stretches we’ve ever seen. With tap tempo, three differing modes and more blips and bleeps than your local arcade, this is one fun little machine.

Mix, Time and Repeat set their respective parameters as you’d expect, but there’s so much more to the Radical Delay II Plus….. The three modes give you massive opportunity to paint and unique and enjoyable soundscape, each presenting a strange and beautiful tone. Mod is a crystal clear digital delay, that uses the Tweak knob to add in Vibrato (to the left) or Chorus (to the right), spicing up your tone with some modulation. Glitch does just what you’d think, adding in crazy glitchiness and pitch-shifting to the repeats. The Bend mode pitch-shifts as well, shifting each repeat up or down an octave, depending again where you set the Tweak knob.

A great function not seen enough in modern delay pedals is the ability to change the Bypass switch into a Tap Tempo switch, without trying to cram another footswitch onto a small enclosure. You can also access the Tap function via a red side jack, if you so desire. Plus, if you just want a modulation pedal, you can turn the delay all the way off and get super nuts, if you’re into that kind of thing. Another inventive creation from the Alexander Pedals crew, we’re definitely wanting to get some more of their gear in the shop after experimenting with the Radical Delay II Plus. This is one fun delay, people, make sure to check out our demo below to see all that it’s capable of producing!