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Access Virus synthesizers are legendary musical instruments. The Access Virus TI2 desktop synthesizer from the VIRUS Total Integration (TI) line uses all the experience accumulated during the release of the first VIRUS. TI integrates with great success into studio and concert settings, providing unlimited creative freedom to the musician. The synthesizers of the new line are characterized by expanded polyphony, 2 new types of generators, arpeggiators, programmable separately for the patch, an increased number of available effects. To connect to a computer, special VIRUSControlT software is utilized. 

Access Virus TI2 Desktop is a brand new and strong professional desktop synthesizer, which utilizes advanced technology in order to enlarge the VIRUS Synthesizer, the result of which is in an innovative stage/standalone instrument. This synth module does not have a keyboard, because this is the DESKTOP version, but it is just awesome to turn on a MIDI Controller to trigger it's multitude of controllable presets.

The features of Access Virus TI2 Desktop are as following:

  • It is very compact, with simply approachable parameters;
  • The synth module can be misguiding with its low profile and pretty little foot- print;
  • Sounds can be turned off;
  • Sounds can be altered;
  • Sounds can be gathered;
  • Available amazing effects and has a new design.

The Access Virus TI2 desktop has 32 knobs and 43 buttons for presentative audio manipulation. It also has three oscillators, a 2D modulation matrix, FX, a per-patch programmable arpeggiator and much more. Despite all the innovations, users will not forget the sound of VIRUS synthesizer as it sounds perfectly and clearly. Moreover, the synthesizer has a new design, new algorithms and a new dual computing processor. Additionally, Access Virus TI2 desktop can be used as a controller to control other devices. In addition to all that, the plug-in controls the Virus and gets audio, providing the utilizers the great opportunity to post processing availabilities via their computer. For more confident navigation, a large 128x32 display is used.

The Access Virus TI2 desktop also takes the respected TI virus interface to a new level, possessing 25% more computing power, a more reliable section of built-in effects, light weight and a completely redesigned case. There’s also an onboard ring shifter, many different FM types, and a tape delay. Now about the effects: available per-part reverbs and delays that provide simplicity in both single and multi-mode operations.

The synthesizer boasts a dual DSP system with 80+ stereo voices. In addition to all that, the Access Virus TI2 Desktop ensures the intuitive editing and features a dedicated librarian for indexing patches. More features include new effects involving in itself tape delay, frequency shift, new distortion and character. The Effects section provides several sumptuous effects, involving reverb and delay per part, so your patches sound is the same in single and multi-mode. 

The second generation of the Access Virus TI2 synth module is a beautiful piece of equipment. It was built according to the highest standards and it is also has an availability to immense audio creation. Taking into consideration all benefits, features and high standards of the Access Virus TI2 Desktop, it is worth saying that this wonderful synthesizer is on top.