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At the end of the 90s of the last century, the famous German company Access, released the first generation of synthesizers "Virus", after a while they gained great popularity around the world. Having appeared in the market of musical instruments in 2005, the Access Virus TI Keyboard model immediately earned praise from musicians and received positive ratings in the press. The reference sound of German synthesizers has become a reliable reference point for all manufacturers of similar products.

The universal Access Virus TI Keyboard, with its powerful sound and wide possibilities, is equally well suited for various directions of electronic music, from light dance to experimental. The Access Virus TI Keyboard stands out for its ability to adapt to any software environment (DAW), where recording and editing of music of different directions takes place. 

On the front panel of the Access Virus TI Keyboard, there is a dynamic keyboard with 61 keys, with an "after touch" function, more Access Virus TI Keyboard has two convenient outputs for connecting pedals. And the presence of more than 3000 built-in sounds of various kinds, for fans of composing their own music, increases the flight of fantasie for a long time. 

Access Virus TI Keyboard model uses a well-known for this line three-oscillator scheme with new additional modes of operation, which were not present in previous versions of the synthesizer. For example, Wavetable mode allows you to work with real wave tables, another in famous HyperSaw you get the opportunity to shape a large number of oscillators into a joint sound, which many have heard in any trance style track and not only. In addition to classical and tabular waveforms, there are granular and format algorithms to enhance the musicality of the synthesized sounds, frequency modulation, oscillator synchronization, and sub-oscillators.

Are available at several modular and other filters that can radically change the original sound, with different pass modes (Lowpass, Hipass, Bandpass, Bandreject) and carving a certain frequency component of the sound. And also Access Virus TI Keyboard include analog filters, for example, for classic synthesizers from Robert Moog, which have long become iconic and have a unique sound. 

The Access Virus TI Keyboard also has 18 mod matrix slots and 3 low frequency generators LFO, can modulate various parameters, filters, sound volume and oscillators height, as a result, giving the sound a certain ripple and rhythm.

Access Virus TI Keyboard tool is equipped with an advanced effects processor and multi-channel arpeggiator. Installed modular "envelopes" units are able to control various parameters of the hardware, automatically changing them over time, creating, for example, long, staccato or short "metallic" sounds, as well as making the sound appear smoothly in space.

The effects processor in Access Virus TI Keyboard offers a good set of processing algorithms, and several of them can work simultaneously. The TI model has an led display, a reverb that uses less than 4000 factory settings, equalizers with digitization of the measurement process "Q-control", modulation effects, a frequency Converter, a ring modulator and a vocoder. After pressing the keys, the sound, initially distinct, gradually fades, which allows you to make slow arrangements, and in addition to the main sound, you can always hear echoes from somewhere on the side.

This musical instrument is maximally adapted to work with software that is regularly updated, unlike other models. The audio stream produced in the bowels of the synthesizer is simply sent to the computer for recording via the USB port. Access Virus TI Keyboard is convenient for everyone, both for those who like to press all the buttons and turn the controls with their own hands, and for more advanced users who prefer to use more modern options. When connecting to the computer's USB bus, you must install suitable software such as Windows XP Home Edition SP2 or Professional Edition SP2 that has been tested for compatibility. 

The existing Access Virus TI synthesis architecture combines very different technologies that are available both individually and together. Digital support for the Access Virus TI Keyboard, is constantly updated and there are new opportunities for creativity.