Access Virus C

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Access Virus C replaced the previous line of Access Virus B Series in 2002. It is convenient to use during live concerts and club performances, as well as when creating Studio recordings. It has inherited all the main advantages and traditions from its predecessors, but it has received certain modifications that favorably distinguish it from its competitors and its predecessors.

Access Virus C looks really amazing. The display of the model glows with a delicious scarlet color and displays all the necessary information for creating music. The backlight allows you to view the current parameters even in complete darkness. Access Virus C looks quite compact and has additional wooden linings on the sides that look rubberized. Despite the compact design, the device body is really strong.

Access Virus C has 32-voice polyphony, while older models had 24-voice polyphony installed. An additional set of 1024 patches and 128 multi-patches is available. The built-in vocoder will allow you to produce simply unreal sounds, which will especially appeal to fans of electronic music. Access Virus C has a new 3-band equalizer section, and the recently popular undo/redo feature is also available. It does not just create a copy of the sounds you play, but gives them a true analog sound that is difficult to distinguish from "live" sound. It reproduces a really wide range of different sounds that will give your music the necessary unique style, which will be recognized by all fans of creativity.

Creating and playing tracks on Access Virus C is really very simple and convenient, so that you do not even need to read special instructions and manuals. Access Virus C gives its owner complete freedom to create music that will be limited only by their own fantasies. It is ideal for both experienced users and those who are just beginning their musical journey. Access has specifically rebuilt this model so that it brings inspiration to its user and does not require too much attention. IT has a true power that will satisfy absolutely any user.