1010 Music Blackbox

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Blackbox from 1010 Music is the ultimate compact desktop sampler/groovebox machine. The unit features the same sensitive touchscreen as the company's line of Eurorack modules, which lets users easily tap and edit sequences. Blackbox uses a high-speed microSD format for storing and reading samples, which works equally well for one-shots, long loops, and even complete several-minutes-long tracks. The interface and workflow of the machine is very simple and intuitive, making it a useful tool not only to experienced producers and musicians, but also to those who are just starting out. There are two on-board effects buses, which can be independently applied in various amounts to any sample. The unit comes ready to play right out of the box with tons of samples carefully prepared by Loopmasters and SoundTrack Loops.

  • Easily record, edit, and play samples, and sequences
  • Solid construction
  • Intuitive and simple to use GUI
  • Loops with different tempos can be combined using built-in BPM synchronization and beat-slicing
  • Future updates will expand the capabilities of the unit
  • USB port and 1/8" inputs for MIDI and clock integration