Monomachine SFX-6 Keyboard

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The Elektron Monomachine is a synthesizer and music sequencer by Elektron. The Monomachine is available as SFX-60 model, which is a desktop sound module, and was available as the SFX-6 model, which has a keyboard and a joystick controller. During the last quarter of 2007 Elektron released the SFX-60 MkII, which is a revision providing higher signal-to-noise ratio, a slimmer design and the ability to add user waveforms, introduced with OS 1.20 in July 2008.

The Monomachine's major difference in comparison to other synthesizers is its sonic flexibility. The unit offers five synthesis methods: SID, VO, FM+, SuperWave, and DigiPro. It also offers multiple effects, which can be applied both to the internally generated voices and to external sources using the two audio inputs. The sequencer offers six tracks[nb 1] programmable either in real time or via a step input method similar to classic drum machines such as the Roland TR-808 or classic sequenced synths like the Roland TB-303 or Roland MC-202. A key feature of the sequencer is what Elektron refer to as a "parameter lock", whereby each sequencer step can be associated with a snapshot of all the editable parameters for a sound. Signals can be routed externally to three stereo or six mono outputs.