BlauKraut Engineering - Charlatan

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Charlatan was released by BlauKraut Engineering company. Charlatan vst is analog synthesizer using polyphonic synthesis type. It is give you audio signal of high quality and simple usability. Charlatan include 2 oscillators like other vst synths, it also has ring modulation to make natural signal, stereo spread to control width of sounds, 2 ADSR envelopes, voice modes, noise generator using stereo. This synth vst is flexible enough to make classic sounds. Charlatan use 3 synthesis styles: Monophonic Legato, Monophonic and 8-voice Polyphonic mode. This synthesizer also include 3 filter types to get sounds of analog modules. You can switch modes types from filter such as 4-pole with 24 db/oct, 2-pole using 12 db/oct, bandpass and lowpass. You also could use stereo spread and unison modes to make big width of audio signal.

Charlatan features:

-2 OSC.
-Oscillator has ring modulation and hard sync.
-Stereo spread and Unison using 7 voices mode.
-Stereo generator of noise.
-2 ADSR.
-LFO using tempo sync.
-3 filter types: 4-pole with 24 db and 2-pole with 12 db lowpass, bandpass.
-Voice modes: Polyphonic, Monophonic Legato, Monophonic.

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