Access Virus KB

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More I use this beautiful red machine makes me wonder if there is any other as proper synths for the buck. It cost me 800€ (used) back in 2008 or so. It's really heavy and well built and the feel of it tells you why the sound is so fat as well. Keys and the mechanics are by Kurzweill, correct me if I'm wrong. 

There's two Oscillators and 3 Lfo's two separate filters and a bunch of internal effects and nice vocoder. Routing possibilities for Lfo's are numerous. 
Virusb is 16 voice multitimbral so it's kind of u only need one synth.

Heard some users consider this as too "trancy". I'd agree on that one if I never tried to modify the preset sounds. (8 banks from a to h. a & b for user presets, 128 slots each.)