Music Equipment

Dreadbox Murmux V2 Limited Edition

In 2016 Dreadbox announced the release of Murmux 2. A limited edition followup to their original Murmux. The Murmux 2 is a 3 oscillator Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer that is and-soldered, and handcrafted with through hole components. The unit also has a sub oscillator, 3 envelopes, 3 LFO's, and 1 hyper VCO circuit and a white noise generator. 50 patch points lets the user have the ultimate modular experience. The dreadbox Murmux 2 was limited to 50 units and sold out immediately.

Dreadbox Hades Bass Synthesizer

The Dreadbox Hades Analogue Bass Synthesizer is an unobtrusive and simple to use Sub-Frequency Bass Synthesizer. This should not suggest that the Hades has any limitations in synthesis, however – the analog routing section can be used to automate the internal functions as well as connect to other Dreadbox modules if desired. The Hades has a remarkably diverse tone range, with particularly meaty and rich low patches. The filter envelope has been revised by Dreadbox again in this model, and it doesn’t disappoint. At the price the Hades is a truly creatively inspirational and capable machine.

Dreadbox Hades

Full Analog Circuit only with Through Hole Components 42HP – Eurorack Compatible 1x VCO with 2 suboctaves and 3 waves (pulse, double saw, saw) Variable Width for pulse and double saw Glide control 3-pole 18dB/oct Resonating State Variable Filter Drive Circuit OTA based VCA 2 envelope Generators – Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain – Attack, Release (VCA hardwired) Triangle and Square Wave LFO 13 patch points eurorack compatible External Input 5 MIDI Octaves from C0 up to C5 or unlimited via CV/Gate

Dreadbox Alpha Module

Double ADSR envelope generator including MIDI to CV/Gate converter and numerous additional features like paraphony, independent glide control for both CV inputs and Mod Wheel to CV. The MIDI channel is selected via a DIP switch. All Dreadbox modules are lovingly handcrafted in Greece and are of high quality.

Dreadbox Omikron Module

Fully analog, powerful dual oscillator with 4 waveforms each including single outputs, pulse width modulation, sync, subwave generator, audio to gate and audio to sync with its own audio input. Both VCOs can be controlled with individual control voltages. All Dreadbox modules are lovingly handcrafted in Greece and are of high quality.

Dreadbox Kappa

The Kappa is Dreadbox's 8 step sequencer that works with anything that is CV compatible. Meaning, this pedal is a controller for other devices is not a stand alone unit. It links up nicely with most of the Dreadbox pedals. The Kappa offers 8 adjustable steps and has variable speed voltage controlled LFO. The knobs control both the LFO and sequence with Rate, Depth, and Wave for the LFO and Rate, Glide, and Steps for the 8 steps in the sequencer. You get jacks for the LFO out, LFO CV in, Sequencer out, Clock in, and Clock Out.